About us


Finca Cascadas Perú SAC

Finca Cascadas has been producing coffee since 2000 in the Peruvian rainforest, using the knowledge of traditional cultivation given by our immigrant grandparents from the highlands of Peru. It begins its commercial operations on July 17, 2020 in the town of Carrizal, district of Jepelacio, Valle del Rio Gera. This valley is a place surrounded by nature and bathed by crystal clear waters, which form waterfalls on their way from the heights that embellish our landscape. This is where today we work in an ecological and sustainable way to obtain high quality coffees, in our process we put all our knowledge, passion and dedication to get the best attributes out of our coffees. We actively collaborate with 20 families from the Gera River Valley in San Martin, Monzón Valley in Huánuco and Lonya Grande in Amazonas.


Production and marketing of specialty coffees, through research and innovation. Focused on improving the quality of life of producers and preserving the environment.


To be leading producers and marketers of specialty coffees, guaranteeing sustainability. Recognized in Peru and abroad.

Our objectives

  • Demonstrate to our children and the youth of our communities that working with quality coffee is a profitable business, in order to avoid the high migration from the countryside to the city that exists today.
  • Increase the productivity and quality of our coffee by investing in research and innovation.
  • Implementation of biofactories for the production of inputs and fertilizers in each of the families with which we collaborate
  • Improve our cultivation techniques, respecting the environment and recovering degraded areas
  • Food security through productive diversification.
    Transparent, traceable and long-lasting business relationships.


  • Honesty and dedication at work is the value that inspires our actions.
  • Responsibility, dedication and care in our business commitments and obligations.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency to carry out the obligations in the determined time with integrity.
  • Offer friendly treatment to all customers and suppliers
  • Optimal quality control and selection of coffees
  • Continuous improvement in each of our processes
  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements
  • Assuming responsibility towards our clients and authorities
  • Constant identification of risks and opportunities
  • Environmental management and corporate social responsibility