Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. According to data from the Statista Consumer Market Outlook, Finland, Denmark and Norway are the countries where coffee is drunk the most. This in terms of consumption. But, which are the main coffee producing countries?


Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee globally. In 2021, it harvested 46.9 million 60-kilo bags of the grain. A drop of 25.7% compared to 2020 due in large part to the intense frosts that hit the country. The cultivation area is 1.8 million hectares


Second place in the ranking goes to Vietnam. The coffee industry employs 2.6 million people in the Asian country. Robusta coffee is Vietnam’s main variety, well known for its high percentage of caffeine. Looking ahead, major government initiatives focus on achieving superior quality.


The National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) reported at the end of 2019 that Colombia was the largest producer of Arabica coffee in the world. The high mountains of the country and its tropical climate offer ideal conditions for growing coffee.


At the moment, Indonesia annually produces about 600,000 tons of coffee, of which 55% is dedicated to exports. In the country there are 1.3 million hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation. Most plantations are of the robusta variety. It also has several specialty coffees, such as Kopi Luwak, a coffee that is made with grains that, after being ingested by the civela, pass through its digestive system and are expelled in the feces.


Ethiopia is the largest coffee producer in Africa and the fifth largest in the world. In the country there are different regions where coffee is grown and produced, Sidama being the best known. In general, Sidama coffee has a slight aroma of spices and is slightly acidic. Unfortunately, according to current forecasts, 50% of coffee crops will be lost in the 21st century due to climate change.

These are the main coffee producing countries. In the world there are 11,000 million hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation, spread over 75 countries. It is striking that 50% of world coffee production is concentrated in a single continent: America.

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